10 Best Golf Bags

Best golf bag is the basic need of any golfer. Asides from the golf balls and the golf clubs, golfer need the most important piece of equipment that is a high quality best golf bag. Good golf bag make a big difference for you, if all your stuff is nicely arrange in a easy to carry bag then you feel relax and play and enjoy your golf in a better way.

A golf bag must have a more space and enough pockets to keep your stuff organized. Must be a light weight with good quality material.

In case if you wonder why this list is being made with such details, to safe your time from finding best golf bags, market is saturated right now and there are so many manufacturers and variety of bags. Before buying anything one should know his needs and whether the product meet up his needs?

So here we introduce you to the top 10 best golf bags. We will give you the complete details of each bag, their key features, their pros and cons and their prices as well. So keep reading till the end so you can grab all of necessary information in one flow before choosing one.


Before buying any golf bag you should know that best golf bags are available in different types, they are varying in shapes designs and weights. But firstly you must know which type of bag you need to purchase and how you transport your golf equipment’s from one hole to another.

In market you can find 6 types of golf bags, each has different features and uses.

  • Pencil bags
  • Cart bags
  • Stand bags
  • Waterproof bags
  • Travel bags
  • Tour bags
  • Staff Bags


We come up with the list of top best golf bags. In order to keep things fair and stable for reader we will include pros and cons of each bag so that all the readers are thoroughly satisfied.

Without further delay let’s have look at the details of best golf bags.

NFL Bucket II Cooler Cart Bag


You can take your game to the next level with this super cool bag.

NFL Bucket II Cooler Cart Bag is type of a tour bag. It comes up with the great features including abundant storage for your necessities. You can also name it as a heavy duty bag.

This bag includes insulated bucket cooler which provides a thermal- lined pocket with integrated drainage port so your beverages can not damage your stuff. The Bucket cooler pocket keeps your beverages and snacks cold during play time. An estimate is around 18 holes or beyond.

It contains cart strap so you can attach it securely to your cart without hindering pocket access.

It also has velour lined pockets including waterproof zipper, finder pocket, apparels pockets, ball pocket and accessory pockets.

It is made up of ultra-lightweight nylon.

Notable feature of this bag is that on its top there is a 14-way organizer and there is a front putter as well. It has molded rubber handles and round pockets which are easy to access.

Some other features may include glove patch, oversized towel ring, three point umbrella system, removable hood and pen sleeve.

  • Insulation pocket can hold 6 cans.
  • Drain hole in the cooler pocket.
  • It has front putters
  • This don’t have a ick stand
  • This bag only had a top divider.
  • It does not have any strap

Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag

Wilson manufactured the high quality equipment’s for golfers so they can enhance their performance and enjoy the game.

Wilson NFL Cart Bag is very affordable cart bag. It is a trolley based bag of size 11” x 9”, which easily fit in golf cart.

Top measurement is 9.5” x 8.5” with14 way full length dividers. To fits the oversized putter grips there is an external frontal putter as well.

It includes all sizes of 11 pockets to keep your stuff organized, which includes 2 full length side pockets for garment, for valuables 3 velour pockets, 1 cooler pocket,4 large external accessory pockets, and side mesh pockets for easy access.

Its base is of such shape which allows it to stand up anywhere. It also includes the cart strap loop, holders for umbrella and gloves, towel ring, padded carry strap and rain hood as well.

It is very light in weight, just of 5 Ibs. Its key feature is its 14 dividers. It keeps your clubs in place to avoid any damage during transportation.

  • Dividers are full length and soft
  • Heavy duty cloth
  • Very light in weight
  • It has no wheels it design for a golf cart.
  • It does not have a tripod stand
  • It does not have a jumbo grips

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

Datrek produce premium quality golf bags. There bags are stylish, lightweight and they have full-length individual divider.

Datrek DG lite II golf cart bag is only 4.2 Ibs lightweight bag. It is design as a cart bag, all of its pockets are facing forward for easy accesses while the bag is on the cart.

Its 15-Way full-length individual dividers keep your clubs organized and protect them from any damage whether you are walking or riding.

Its soft-grip lift assist makes its movement easy and allows you to raise your bag easily into the cart and transport anywhere.

It has seven zipper pockets which provide you a good storage space, pocket include a large pocket for ball, oversized apparel pockets and fleece lined valuables pocket.

It also had an insulated oversized cooler pocket and a soft-grip large putters which fits jumbo grip very well. Its top diameter is 10.5”.

It also has an umbrella holder, towel ring, glove holder and rain hood with dual access opening.

  • Front putters
  • Full length dividers
  • You cannot fix ice with 6 beverages.
  • Not a waterproof

Callaway Golf 2019 Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag

Hyper-Lite Zero is a worthy stand bag is a high quality, convenient and durable golf bag. Made-up of a nylon fabric. Two legs to create a triangular base. It design for 12 clubs.

Very light and design to carry it on your right shoulder. It is only 2.5 Ibs weight which make it the lightest stand bag among all.

It has 4-way full length top dividers and extra durable zippers. It is design with a cell phone sleeve to keep your cell in reach.

For self-balancing it is design with a single and double strap option. It also had a carbon fiber leg to keep it stand alone. There are four pockets to keep your valuables organized.

  • Light weight
  • Cell phone sleeve
  • Only 4-ways top divider

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

C-130 is the best-selling cart bag of ‘Sun Mountain’. By keeping cart in mind it is created to work optimally on a cart. Its top width is 10”. It has 14- way top dividers to keep your clubs organized and safe from any damage and all dividers are full in length.

For holding your valuables 10 pockets were created. Pockets includes two full length apparel pockets, a ventilated, cooler pocket and two velour-lined pockets and one of it is water proof. In addition, for easy access on cart all pockets are design forwarding-face.

It also had a rain hood to keep your clubs protected and dry in bad weather. It also include a smart strap system to attach the bag with a riding cart. To stop the bag from twisting on the cart there are two Velcro straps are designed and to keep bag locked.

If you looking for a cart bag then this bag will definitely C-130 is worth buying for you. The best part in this bag is more space for storage

  • Rain hood
  • Huge space
  • Towel ring is not on both side
  • 9 Ibs weight

Izzo Golf Versa Riding/Walking Hybrid

Izzo Versa Stand Bag is the true hybrid bag and is the perfect choice for those golfer who loves walking and riding. The light weight compact design combines the club dividers of a cart bag and the storage of a stand bag. To keep your stuff well organized and separated, this bag has eleven club dividers and two magnetic pockets.

The best feature of this bag is, Power pocket, by which you can easily charge your electronic devices round the golf club and stay connected.

It also include Velour lined water-resistant valuables pocket, insulated water cooler pocket which keep your water cool so you can hydrate yourself every time with cold water, metal towel loop with built in bottle opener so you can easily open your drinks easily anywhere any time and last but not the least it has a Velcro glove holder.

The best part of this bag it is the combination of carry bag and the cart bag. It combines cart bag’s club drivers and extra storage property and the carry bag’s stand mechanism.

Versa meets up every golfer need. The IZZO Versa Stand Golf Bag comes in green, blue, black or red.

Pros and Cons:

Some other things like some pros and cons you might need to know about this bag’s,


  • Bag is 9” wide from top, which is widest part of bag and you can easily carry it on board.
  • Side pockets are expendables which will gives more width to the bag but it is also good for you that you don’t face any problem to putting all stuff in your bag during travelling.
  • The bags weight is around 8 pounds.
  • Magnetic pocket get easier to access.
  • It includes rain covers.


  • It comes with single carry strap.
  • There is not a separate holder for the putter, padded slot is design for the putters.

Sun Mountain 4.5 Ls 14-Way Golf Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 4.5 Ls 14-Way Golf Stand Bag is one the best golf bag. It is light in weight almost 4.5 Ibs.

It has full length 14 way top dividers to keep your club organized. For easy pick up there in an oval top integrated handle. It includes a cart strap pass-through, leg-lock system which prevent it from moving and a cart friendly bottom.

For carrying a bag comfortably there is a shoulder strap with three layer technology. It also had a rain hood for protecting your stuff from any damage due to bad weather.

It contains 9 Pockets including a full length clothing pocket, hydration pouch, two velour-lined valuable pockets one is water proof to keep your belongings safe, and multiple accessory pockets, pen holder, umbrella holder and towel holder.

  • Grab handles are nice
  • Light in weight
  • No dedicated compartment for putters
  • Pen holder is too long not easily access while walking

EG EAGOLE Eagole Super Light Golf 14 Way Cart Bag

Egoles cart bag is containing mass storage for your valuables. It is made up of super light nylon. With back strap it is comfortable to transport.

14 way top dividers, all of them are not full length front slot is for oversized grip putter.

It also had a rain hood to protect your stuff from damage. For easy lifting there are 3 integrated molded grab handles which also make it easy to get in and out from cart.

Multiple pockets almost 9 pockets including on each side 2 full length pockets for apparel, with velour lined 2 pockets for valuables, it also had an insulated cooler pocket for keeping you hydrated during the round, you can put 8 bottles and 4 thin ice packs in it. On Egoles cart bag has a separate space for carrying towels, shoes, electronics, and umbrella.

  • Car strap sleeve will not interfere with the pockets
  • Light in weight
  • Ball pocket is small hold only 15 balls,
  • Full length dividers are only 7
  • Ball pocket is zipper

Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Stand Bag

In the range of lightest stand bag, Callaway VHEV golf stand bag has individuality due to its functionality and bold design.

For great club management it has five way top full length dividers. On the top cuff design Callaway added an integrated grab handle to make lifting and lowering much easier, and insulated water bottle pocket, glove holder and also a tee pocket

Multiple pockets provides you comfortable storage space and all are easy to access. Pockets include a full length apparel pocket, a lined pockets for valuables.

It also have a cell phone sleeve. To carry bag on shoulder there is a strap system with single or double strap option.

It is very light in weight just of 4.3 Ibs. It also have a two-leg system to keep clubs handy for the next shot.

  • Insulated water bottle pocket
  • Light in weight
  • Its divider in not well padded
  • Five full length dividers

Taylor Made Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

For all of your Golf equipment’s and need, the Taylor Made Golf stand bag 5.0 have a mass storage. It is design a light weighted golf bag.

It features a 5 way top divider to organize your club. For your clothes, balls, tee and your other valuables, this bag have 6 pockets.

To save your electronic from any damage it has velour-lined valuables pouch. Dual shoulder strap makes you comfortable during your walk round the course to carry this bag.

For your convenience, anti-slit stand system with non-slip foot pads is added.

This bag is made up of nylon and It also have a rain hood to protect your valuables from any damage. Additionally umbrella sleeve is also added so you can carrying your umbrella in bad weathers without worrying.

For making you more comfortable and to limit pressure points, EVA molded hip pad is added on the side.

  • Light weight
  • Umbrella sleeve
  • 6 pockets
  • It does not have a cooler pocket
  • When you put it down you have to push legs to come out.


Before choosing a golf bag you have to keep your needs in your mind. Because if you are beginner or regular user you are going to use it every time in golf club. For your convenience and reminding you, I am writing here some point and criteria to be noted so on this basis your selection will become easy.

Which type of bag you need?

Before going to feature details you need to know from basic types, what type of bag you want. Some basic types of golf bags are carry bag, cart bag, standing bag or travel bag and tour bag.

  • If you have to carried your bag on your shoulders then carry bag is good for you.
  • If you are riding on a golf cart then cart bag is your need.
  • Standing bag or travel bag can stand up on its own and combine with push cart.
  • Travel bag is intended for professional golfers it can hold a lot more stuff and it is a bit larger and expensive bags.

Dividers for club:

Divider in an important feature in any bag. So before decision of buying any bag you must know that numbers of dividers is something that you can’t change later. There are few option to organize your clubs but the best is to buy bag with sufficient dividers.

Weight of bag:

You should also consider the weight of the bag. If you want to carry bag on your shoulder then you must be careful about its weight, But if your going to use it on the cart or trolley bags then still you must have think of weight because you have to lift it up or down from the cart.

Number of pockets:

The other thing that you must look in the golf bag is how much pockets it has. Especially pockets for special purposes, like for your garments, electronics, water bottle, pen holder, umbrella and other valuables.


From all of above mention bags and considering the criteria discus above, I can recommend you following three bags to buy.

Ranked # 1
Ranked # 2
Ranked # 3
Wilson NFL Golf Cart BagDatrek DG Lite II Cart BagSun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag
o It is a cart bag
o 14 way full length dividers
o 11 pockets to keep your stuff organized
o It is lightweight just of 5Ibs
o It is also a cart bag
o 15 way full length dividers
o Seven zipper pockets
o It is 4.2 Ibs weight bag
o It is also a cart bag
o 14 way top dividers
o 10 pockets for your valuables
o 9 Ibs weight

Apart from my recommendation, I recommend you that before making any decision you must know how many dividers, pockets, and which type of bag you need. In this way you can worth your many and spend it on the quality golf bag.